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Change is in the air at Creative

As some of you may have noticed already, Creative Composition is now the official home of the Graphic Fox! The Graphic Fox has had over 45 years’ worth of design and printing experience and we couldn’t be happier to be able to incorporate their knowledge and spirit going forward! Creative Composition has four new faces being added to our team and we couldn’t be happier with the energy and expertise they bring to the table.

So who are these fine folks? Here’s a little sneak peek:

Brett:  Brett is a Chico native with years of experience in the printing industry. You may have seen Brett knocking down some pins at the bowling alley, where he competes in some tournaments with the local leagues.

Mary Jane:  Mary Jane is another wonderful sales representative with many years of experience in the industry. Grandma of the Loaf is another title she holds proudly, and while you may begin to think it’s a call to a long standing passion for baking, it is really about her adorable granddaughter.

*Her granddaughter is not a literal loaf of bread.*

Michelle:  Michelle is Chico State alum with 15 years’ experience in the graphic design field. When Michelle isn’t creating magic on the screen she may be keeping herself busy wrangling her three kids, and if the season is right you might see her out at second base on the softball field!

Tim:  Tim is a key part of the production team with 36 years in the graphic production field. When he isn’t working a press, Tim loves to spend his time with his children and his children’s children.  He also has a knack for the BBQ and is known to bless his family and friends with some sweet baby back ribs.

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Colors of Scale

Did you know that Creative Composition has been G7 certified? What does G7 even mean? When it comes to printing there are many factors that go into how a final product turns out. There are different scales of color and balance that can all be calibrated differently.

G7 certification means that we are able to consistently deliver output with colors that do not alter whether it’s on our Heidelberg Offset press or one of our other digital machines. Creative Composition has a keen eye in providing our customers with the highest quality product we can produce. With the G7 certification we add more certainty for our customers in knowing that the image that they submit for production will be replicated to near perfection.

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The Olympic Dream

The 2020… 2021? Olympics have come and gone after a year of delay. While watching the games one thing I noticed was the wide range in age from the oldest to the youngest competitors. These differences in age are seen throughout every sport and do not seem to be a predictor of whether an athlete will medal.

Momiji Nishiya was one of the youngest competitors to earn gold in the women’s street skateboarding at the age of 13, while Mary Hanna is still competing in the equestrian at the age of 66.

Age is not the limiting factor in people reaching their pinnacles of success. Hard work and determination is more important than the number of days you’ve lived.


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