Direct-Mail-MArketing-RIP-or-ROIIs direct mail dead?

Since we are in the business of marketing in a digital marketing age, we get asked this question often. We also love getting this question because it is a big part of our business mantra.

Direct mail is not dead. Here’s why:

While the world is operating in an ever changing technological age, it begs the question whether direct mail has a place in the marketing mix anymore. The rapid expansion of advertising conducted over Facebook, email, etc. has taken over the marketing industry.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with digital advertising on an hourly basis. It feels like every notification coming in is another company trying to convince us to buy something. Because of this new phenomenon, consumers are pickier than ever with their choice in attention to advertisements.

For most of us, ads that come in via email are swiped “read” before we even know who sent it. Consumers are spending less time than ever looking through digital ads. Some digital experts suggest consumers are seeing at least 4,000 digital ads per day.

How are businesses supposed to compete in such a volatile climate?


Direct mail.

There is an illusion that direct mail is dead which is causing businesses to pull back from their efforts. This is making room for other businesses to swoop in and steal the spotlight. Direct mail is actually more effective now than it has ever been.

Direct mail has a 783% higher response rate than email marketing which has experienced a 65% decrease in click rates.*

Consumers are aware that a business put time and money into getting the ad to their door step and it portrays a dedication that email advertising does not. They feel valued.

The sheer fact of the physical contact with the advertisements and the personalization of the person’s name make them more memorable. Direct mail has a direct effect on the consumers the makes them more inclined to contact you when looking for that service.

Not only has direct mail proven its effectiveness in retaining consumer attention, one report indicates a trend in direct mail having the third highest ROI at 27%.*

Digital marketing is an essential piece in keeping up with technological advancements. There is no denying its importance in the digital age. We have seen many businesses fail due to ignoring the signs of advancement.

However, it is no longer the age of one or the other. It is the age of BOTH.

The most effective and efficient use of marketing is through both digital and direct mail marketing.

We find direct mail marketing so valuable, not only do we assist other businesses with their direct mail marketing campaigns, we also conduct our own. We are experts in the marketing industry and only provide the best advice to our customers.

We offer much more than just mailing services. From start to finish we will help you. Anything from graphic design and printing, to mailing and signage – we’ve got your back. We are a one stop shop that will stop at nothing to provide you the very best service.

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*Direct Mail Response Rates Are at Their Highest Point in Over a Decade