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We understand that in this day and age there are more ways to advertise than the classic printed paper piece. As marketing professionals, we aim to deliver the best products and services to help our clients meet their prospects!


Using digital channels your campaigns will see greater, longer lasting, and stronger returns. Brand awareness, evaluation and preference are all aspects of the consumer experience that businesses hope to find themselves in favorable light.


How can a business position themselves to garner positive reception from its new customers?  Grow your presence and consumer knowledge base:

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Gain the ability to consistently reach thousands of households and maintain a presence across devices, internet browsers and web pages. If you have ever looked at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. advertising you may be familiar with the process of Geo-Fencing. Targeting geographic areas and distributing advertisements to devices within that given area can be a great way to reach potential customers, but it leaves something to be desired for consistent messaging.


Geo-Framing is an alternative to the process of Geo-Fencing that can help you generate the best prospect list possible. Instead of distributing ads to devices within a defined location, the fencing process defines an area (storefront, school, offices, etc.) and logs the active devices within. Ads can then be served to those devices going forward, even after departing from the defined area. With the ability to follow along with consumers and to your storefronts, physical addresses can be garnered from the data, allowing for advertisers to target those addresses with physical mailers and other relevant marketing materials.

What can a client expect using high value IP targeting and digital advertisements?


Immediate and consistent implementation of marketing materials and messaging:


  • Ad campaigns can be started and run with ease, with creatives being used across pieces and platforms creating continuity.


Attract more leads and retain more customers:


  • Countless studies have rehashed the same point in regards to factors that affect purchase intent. Unaided awareness in recall is one of the most sought after positions a brand can hope for. Awareness can be raised in any number of ways, but regular, authentic, poignant content is a great start.


Cross channel integration effect on increasing marketing investment returns:


Draw more value out of your marketing efforts by spreading past a single medium. There is clear evidence of the increase in brand recognition with the use of multiple marketing channels.

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