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Creating a Culture of Family Values

If there is one thing the founders at Creative Composition are passionate about, it's family values. While they are fiercely in tune with printing and marketing best practices, this value is held above all else.

As companies grow in size and profitability, they tend to lose sight of the values they once held dear. This is not true of the founders and staff at Creative. We work diligently to ensure these values are held and expressed as a priority to each and every customer.

One way in which we continue to carry out our family values is by delegating intentional time to spend with our team. To that end, we hosted our First Annual Chili Cook Off! The founders shut down the shop midday on Friday March 8, 2019 and the cook off commenced.

We had 11 total chilies entered into the contest - each of which tasted completely unique. There was cornbread, families, and lots of laughter. The event came to a close with a 1st and 2nd place winner.

1st Place: Angie's Traditional Southwest Chili

2nd Place: Michael's All Meat All Heat Chili

Chili Lineup

Creative Spotlight: Secret Trail Brewery

Here at Creative we are known for producing a wide variety of products, including niche and personalized items. One example of the niche products we produce are keg collars.

Keg collars are used to identify important information about which brewery the beer came from and its contents. The unique aspect about keg collars is that they are die cut through the middle in order to sit on top of the keg.

We have a machine specifically for this purpose, which is not found typically found in businesses like ours.

"Secret Trail Brewing Company is an artisan craft brewery. STBC is a collaboration of Charlie Barrett, Michelle Barrett & Jesse Fischer. We seek to be a community-focused, locally- sourced brewery making both the classic styles and original innovations."

Keg Collarsrainbowcongacc quote month1 crop

Retrospect: A Valentine's Miracle

It was just two short days before Valentine's Day. One of our regular customers came in to pick up an order of flood maps. He then leaned over the counter to ask if we could do him a personal favor.

He pulled out his iPhoneX with a stunning photo of a horse in powdery white snow. The customer explained how his house was one of the very few that survived the Camp Fire, as did his horse. He snapped the above photo and wanted to surprise his wife for Valentine's Day.

Our lead designer Scott went to work assessing the state and quality of the photo to determine if it could be stretched. To his surprise, the resolution was fantastic and he was able to work his magic. It was printed on a 16x20 inch sheet are archival paper and framed just in time for Valentine's Day.

Pic special-project-horse-in-snowrainbowconga

New Website, Same Us

Welcome to our website!

It's brand new! We launched our new and improved website in February. We are very excited to debut some improved features of the website like our Get A Quote feature. Now you can get an online quote with ease and in a timely matter. Also check out our Ideas tab for new content on what new products are in stock and fresh ideas for you to try!


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