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Vol. 3

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  • The Happenings at Creative
  • Creative Spotlight: Chico Enterprise-Record
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The Happenings at Creative

We're expanding! In May we welcomed 3 brand new and eager employees to our team.

The first to join the team was Richard Miller (not pictured). Rich is our Bay Area Sales Representative.

Next up was Ric Bowden (right) our brand new Estimator/Planner. He will be taking over quote process and working directly with customers.

Last but not least, on May 15th our newest Sales Representative Robert Rounsaville (left) started. He is excited to take over the Chico area sales. Make sure to say hi to the new guys next time you're in!

Want to know more? Stay tuned for the coming "Meet the Creative Team" posts of the new team members on Facebook!

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Creative Spotlight: Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico Enterprise Record has a long standing history in Northern California. While they went through a few name changes one thing remained true - they have an undeniable dedication to true journalism. In the past 70 years they have only had FOUR editors. If that doesn't prove ChicoER's passion for journalism I don't know what does!

"The Enterprise-Record has served our community for more than 150 years. We strive for high standards in community journalism, getting things right, and being fair about it." - Mike Wolcott, Editor

ChicoER is Creative's closest neighbor on Park Ave and we have done business with them for quite some time. ChicoER relies on us to design and print eye catching and bold banners to announce exciting projects and achievements. It is always a pleasure working with the ChicoER team and we're happy they can make the trek ALL THE WAY across the street!

"We reached out to Creative Composition for a banner commemorating our coverage of the Camp Fire, which resulted in us being named a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for the first time in our history. Almost immediately, they gave us a couple of options to choose from. We're happy with the finished product, and we're lucky to be across the street from such a great business." - Mike Wolcott, Editor

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Behind the Scenes: El Grullense

A Story About a Pretty Spicy Project

Leo and his family originally wanted to open a full fledged restaurant knowing him and his family had some seriously spicy cooking skills. As a natural entrepreneur, he also knew putting down roots for a restaurant was a daunting investment and decided starting with a taco truck was the safer choice.

4 years ago Leo and his family decided to take the leap. At that same time the previous owner of El Grullense decided he was ready to sell his operation. The name El Grullo is a city in Jalisco, Mexico. Leo decided to keep the name as El Grullense was the very first taco truck in Chico.

Fast forward to today, El Grullense is thriving. Leo and his family just opened their second taco truck which is what brought them back to Creative Composition. They were looking to wrap their new truck with a new expanded menu.

Leo partnered with our graphic design team to design his new menu that promoted readability and easily guided the customer through it. This included strategic placement, color matching, font choices, and lots of back and forth to create the perfect menu.

Now El Grullense's second truck is fully operational and is busy all day long. It was a pleasure working with Leo and his family. We love working with local companies that have family values just like we do.

El Grullense is located in our parking lot at 396 E. Park Ave Chico, CA 95928. Come get your taco on!


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Top Post of May

Find us on Social Media!

We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of May was our "Meet The Creative Team" post featuring Mike Hendry!

Mike is our President and Operations Manager, and has been with Creative for 35 years.
"If he were stranded on a desert island he would bring his wife, a boat, and fish."

Check it out here to see all the details!

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Graphic Design Tips & Tricks for Your Next Project

What are the best design tips and tricks to kick start your project?

Graphic design entails much more than meets the eye. Most people attribute graphic design to using artsy programs like Photoshop and creating simple logo designs.

In reality, a good graphic designer will have their hand in every part of a well done project. The average person glosses over small details and focuses on the big picture of a project. A graphic designer, on the other hand, nitpicks the smallest of details to ensure that it's not just a good project, but a perfect one. This includes color choices, font choices, sizing, themes, fixing broken and low quality graphics, and much more.

Our graphic designers are all professionally trained in the art of graphic design and are highly skilled. They spend the time and attention that counts to produce the top quality product you want!

I tasked our graphic design team to come up with the top 3 basic tips to start a great design. The results are below. Each tip has a special pertinence to your project and is meant to promote a user friendly appearance.

Not confident in your design skills? Don't worry! We have a team specifically for this purpose. We take the stress out of the project. We hook you up with a renowned team that will work diligently and detailed oriented - just for you! Visit the graphic design page for more info!


Fonts for Beginners
Using White Space

Vol. 2

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  • The Happenings at Creative
  • Creative Spotlight: Klean Kanteen
  •  Quote of the Month
  • Behind the Scenes: Mushroom Adventures
  • Top Post of April
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The Happenings at Creative

In April we hosted yet another company wide competition. We wanted to jump start spring with a brand new theme for each of our marketing displays. We have plenty of displays including a vehicle to wrap, window cling for the front of our building, retractable banners, sign displays, a trade show booth, you name it - we have it. But the question remained, what should the theme be?!

So we took the question company wide. Each employee had an unlimited amount of theme idea entries, and were awarded bonus points if they included a tagline and pictures. We had an overwhelming amount of entries that varied from pirates, to memes, to world scenery and even to daredevil/adrenaline. The top 5 were selected via popular vote, while the top 2 themes were selected by a small committee based upon marketability.

The results are in and everyone is excited! The winners were awarded gift cards, cash and of course, bragging rights.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place: "No Monkey Business" by Joshua Hendry

2nd Place: "Pirates Theme" by Rosemary Derby

3rd Place: "Giraffe Standing in a Crowd of Sheep" by Brandon Bentley

4th Place: "Creative Through the Ages Decades Theme" by Rosemary Derby

5th Place: "Company Mascot" by Kyle Hathaway

Theme Winners Top 5

Creative Spotlight: Klean Kanteen

We have been partners with Klean Kanteen going on 3 years. It is not often we come across another business whose company values align so closely to ours. Klean Kanteen is family and employee owned, mission driven, and has a big emphasis on the ethos of the company.

One of the values the family at Klean Kanteen lives by is a culture of “hugs not handshakes.” They emphasize their need to stay true to who they are and continue to make a positive impact on the world. Every product made at Klean Kanteen is designed to solve an existing problem. They are specifically actively working to eliminate the use of single use products.

The Chico community plays a vital role in their business and means the world to them. That’s where Creative comes in. Klean Kanteen relies on Creative for their go to market efforts, trade show assets, consumer initiatives, and more.

Jeremy, Klean Kanteen's Director of Marketing and Branding, recalls how his favorite part about working with Creative is his ability to show up with a problem and Kyle will solve it by understanding the heart of the business. Jeremy quotes “There has never been one time Creative hasn’t delivered.”

It is always a pleasure forging and fostering partnerships within the Chico community. Here at Creative we have a passion for making a positive impact and we are grateful to work with a company like Klean Kanteen.

"Today, as a certified B Corporation, we not only create the highest quality reusable products on the planet, we work hard to bring benefit to the people and places we touch—and we do everything we can to keep single-use waste from trashing the world."
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Behind the Scenes: Mushroom Adventures

A Story About a Pretty Fungi
mushroom adventures banner

Donald started his business in 1996 in a San Francisco basement garage. He saw many triumphs and tribulations between his start and 2019. Today you can find Donald and his team at Farmer’s Markets from Marysville up to Chico. Donald came to us wanting a fresh new look for some signage to market his mushroom growing kits.

Rosemary, one of Creative’s graphic designers, had done work with Donald previously and was happy to help. She went straight to work designing a fun and inviting new logo for Mushroom Adventures.

The end result was six 24x20 Ultraflex 38in banners, six 30x10 dibond aluminium composite signs, and one HAPPY customer. Rosemary quotes, “Donald was a pretty fun guy to work with.”

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Top Post of April

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We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of April was our Meet The Creative Team post featuring Steve Hendry!

'His spirit animal is a LLAMA!🦙 Because they are "Majestic, underappreciated and like 80's fashion a future style icon. My time will come." 🤣🤣🤣'

Check it out here to see all the details!


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The Art of Keg Collars

A well-produced keg collar can play a big role for your brewery. Keg collars are a valuable sales tool that are often overlooked. Not only does the keg collar provide essential information to wholesalers and retailers, it also speaks to your brand personality.

When you’re ready to order your custom keg collars be sure to follow the guidelines below.


Include Important Information

The most immediate use of keg collars is to provide important information to the end user. The keg collar must include details required by law such as:
– Package Size
– Brewery Name and Address
Government Alcohol Warning
Other information that is helpful but not mandated by law:
– ABV: Alcohol by Volume
– Beer or Cider Flavor/Style
– Production Date/Batch Code
– Keg Pressure Warning

It is the duty of the brewery to include all pertinent information to the end user to the best of their ability. This will prevent dangerous hazards, and it makes the kegging process easier for the consumer.

The goal is for the end user to enjoy how the beer/cider performs rather than worry about the logistics.

Visit the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau website to verify all of your state and federal regulations.


Keg Colors Printed By Creative Composition


Think About Brand Representation

Equally as important, the keg collar is a representation of your brand. The use of keg collars has proven to be an effective medium for marketing.

We work with breweries of all sizes across the nation to produce their keg collars. Sierra Nevada, Secret Trail, and J Wakefield Brewing are just a few of our happy customers. We believe the quality of the keg collar speaks to the quality of the brand.

It is important to portray your brand in a unique and meaningful way to make a lasting impression with the consumer. If done so properly, the use of the keg collars alone can become an intriguing marketing tool.

Simple gray scale keg collars will get the job done in terms of displaying important information, but it is the full color collars that truly represent the quality of your brand. Even a black and white keg collar can come to life with quality materials.

Keg wraps are also an effective way to set your kegs apart from the competition.



Work with a Full Service Print Company

It is important to consider the printing company you work with for your keg necessities. It is not enough to just be a printer – the company needs a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategy the way that Creative Composition does.

We take the time to discuss your options and help you develop a high quality product at an affordable price. Because we are a family owned company that does all of our jobs in house we have rush order capabilities that other print companies dream of.

We are the Picassos of the art of keg collars and we are happy to help.

Check out our brewery page for ideas for your own keg collars – we will happily bring those ideas to life. Reach out to us for any help at (530) 924-2400 or email us at info@creativecomp.com