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The art of brewing has been around for thousands years. There are currently more than breweries in the United States, though it definitely has not always been so popular. While there were several hundred small scale breweries in the time leading up to the civil war, it was not until the decades after the conflict that the beverage began to see mainstream growth. Advances in multiple sectors contributed to the increase in demand, such as refrigeration, workers’ wages and increased immigrations from beer loving countries such as Germany, Britain and Ireland. Beer production Soared between the period of 1865 and 1915, going from 3.6 million barrels to 66 million barrels produced per year. Prohibition in 1920 through 1933 cut into the legal production of beer, but it didn’t take long for the industry to rekindle its’ growth. As of 2020 the United States is producing 180 million barrels of beer per year from almost 9,000 different breweries.


That’s a LOT of beer.


How does your brewery stand out in the virtual flood of competition? Branding your products is a necessity in terms of holding a competitive spot within the near $120 billion industry. We have the products to help you showcase your craft as well as services to help refine your presentation.


We make sure you get the most out of your marketing materials. Creative Composition offers exceptional value with our keg collars and caps, keg and growler wraps, growler tags, labels and displays.




First impressions are extremely important when it comes to earning the eye of a consumer amongst the masses. Labels are one of the first things that consumer will perceive when they are looking through the store. Essentially, labels are the default salesmen of your products besides your actual salesmen.


Creative Composition offers design services to help make your branding stand out. Labels can be customized to your desire in size, shape and color.


Keg Collars


Keep your keg inventory stylish and organized with customized keg collars. Keg collars are required throughout the United States so it comes to no surprise that breweries take advantage to fill that space with the branding that adds customer appreciation. Coming in three sizes with 6”, 6.5” and 7” we can produce keg collars in single or full color single or double sided.


What branding do you want featured on your keg collar?


- Brewery name and location
- Logos
- Artwork
- Line of beer
- Keg volume
- Alcoholic content
- Health and safety warning statements


Keg Caps


Consistency throughout your branding is a proven way to increase you customer’s impression of your company. Caps are the cherry on top of branding for a kegs presentation and professionalism, plus they are an easy addition to make.


Traditionally logos are the most common feature for a keg cap but it’s another chance to get creative with your brand messaging if you choose.


Growler Tags


Growlers gain their name because of the original design. Steel buckets would be filled with beer and the way that the carbon dioxide released while being sloshed around earned the name “growler”. They fell out of popularity during prohibition and the change in packaging shortly after. The modern growler was born from the founder of Grand Teton Brewing in 1989 while trying to find a way to package and sell beer without going through the bottling process and is now a popular choice for craft breweries.


Growler tags are another great way to brand your 32 to 64 oz. bottles that goes beyond the standard labeling.


Keg and Growler Wraps


How many times does a consumer, restraint or bar owner or home bar enthusiast see your keg? Instead of being greeted by a faceless steel drum, personalize that wasted space with memorable marketing. Adding your company and brewery information also works towards getting those kegs back to your location once emptied. Our vinyl wraps can do full coverage or partial to give you the right amount of coverage to hold whatever you can imagine


For more information about the products and services we can provide you and your business, you can call us Monday through Friday, receive a free marketing evaluation HERE or if you already have an idea for a product you can get a free quote HERE.


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Creative Composition was absolutely fantastic to work with on our new brochures. The entire process was extraordinary, utilizing a great deal of technology and communication along the way. The quality of the job exceeded my expectations.

Brian Perry
Roses & Ivy Elder Care

Creative Composition has been supplying us beer keg collars and it has been a pleasure to work with them. The initial design step was easy and the product turned out very nicely and to our satisfaction We recommend them to others in the brewing industry looking for good basic keg collars and great customer service.

Steve Thompson
Barrio Brewing Company

I have been using Creative Composition for approximately ten years for my direct mail needs. I have found Mark and his staff to provide exceptional service to me during that time. They have always hit my deadlines when needed. In addition, I have always found Creative Composition to look out for my best interest to help me achieve the best ROI. I have enjoyed our relationship and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Scott Meier - Co-Owner
Right Now Air

Thank you for helping me look good! After the HVAC business I managed sold for $5 million, I started traveling North America as a consultant to help other HVAC business owners do the same. I have to give your team at Creative Comp credit for your marketing expertise. It was a huge contributor to my success.
As a consultant/business coach, I have been thanked over and over again form dozens of companies for introducing them to the team at Creative. Thank you for following through and giving them the same great service that you gave me.

Geno Gruber

Creative Composition is a trusted member of our team!

Tim Gallagher - Owner
Gallagher's Plumbing Heating and Air, Park Mechanical Inc.

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center turns to Creative Composition for all of our printing needs. We trust their expertise, and are thankful for their attentiveness throughout the design and production process. Creative's products continuously exceed our expectations, and that is why we keep going back!

Amy Lewis Hormann - Program Coordinator
Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, CSU Chico

Creative composition is like having a marketing expert at my fingertips. Their service is fast, and their product is excellent, and their follow-up is consistent. They ask just the right questions and just enough questions--not so many it becomes a burden for me to explain the vision of our marketing strategy, and not too few questions as to create re-work and/or miscommunication. I can't quite speak to the prices of Creative Composition because their service has kept me from looking elsewhere! I would absolutely recommend Creative Composition to any company looking to increase their brand recognition in the marketplace and gain more customers.

Logan Wilson
Bianchi Ag Services

We have been using Creative Comp for all of our
printing needs for many years and we have never
been disappointed. They have a great eye for detail
and are personable and willing to go the extra mile
to make sure the job is done right.

Jenn Ronconi
Women's Resource Clinic

We've partnered with Creative Composition primarily because of accuracy, competitive pricing, and beyond-the-call customer service. Competitive shifts in our numerous markets often require last minute changes to our promotion plans, and Creative Composition has always been responsive and flexible when deadlines are tight and orders are complicated.

Amy LaBanca
Papa Murphy's

At Feather Falls Casino, we have been working with the crew at Creative Composition for over seven years. During that time, they have provided us with nothing short of exemplary service.

During our time with Creative Composition, we have tested their capabilities to the extreme. From overloading their production facilities by dropping a large number of jobs on them at one time, to sending them complex jobs with multiple printing and finishing options - we've found that they always make the deadlines, and they do it with a smile.

Composition has always shown a willingness to go the extra mile for us - they are truly a business "partner" in every sense of the word.

Deborah Wilson
Feather Falls Casino