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  • The Happenings at Creative
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The Happenings at Creative

On September 27th, Creative Composition attended Chico States Fall Vendor Fair. What is a Vendor fair? Many departments at Chico State are looking for particular merchants to help them build their division and market their opportunities.

If there’s one type of event that can deliver real business profits for all participants, it’s definitely a vendor fair. Above all, this event helped our company find new leads but they also helped foster growth within the industry through experience sharing.

Agian, to catch the attention of the prospect we created an interactive game called Plinko that truly brought a crowd to our booth. The big prize of the afternoon our Klean Kanteens! Our marketing materials helped create great opportunities to reinforce our brand. From Creative calendars, notepads, pens, and candy, everyone walked away a winner.

Furthermore, creating contacts is truly where the magic happens. During the fair we encountered many prospects looking for a trustworthy print & marketing solutions company, we had the potential to make an impactful impression and create future orders.

Big thanks to Chico State for inviting us to attend for the 2nd year in a row! Looking for your own custom printed game? Head over to get a quote now!

Vendor Fair Booth

Creative Spotlight: Ray Morgan Comapny

Established in 1956 Ray Morgan Company has grown to be the largest independent Canon dealer in the USA. Not to mention, they have a long-standing history in Northern California and have offices that are located throughout California and Nevada.

They specialize in simplifying the complexity and management of office technology solutions for over 55,000 organizations nationwide. Within their line of work, they help benefit with predictable budgeting, efficient workflows, security protection, and greener print strategies.

“They Continuously look for ways to reduce their client’s costs and improve the productivity of their operations”. ." - Ray Morgan Company

Ray Morgan has done business with Creative dating back all the way to 2003. We have done everything from creating check-in tags, payment records, and grand-opening cards.

This time Chris Cartwright reached out to Bob Rounsaville in Sales for a big project... a vehicle wrap and Creative did not disappoint! It is always a pleasure working with the RMC team and we're happy they continue to come to us for their print & marketing needs.

Ray Morgan Vehicle WraprainbowcongaQuote Septemberrainbowconga

Behind the Scenes: Cellar Door Cider

Always look to the bright cider of life

We all know the world of wine is ever-expanding. However, many beverage connoisseurs have yet to catch on to an under-sung sector of wine: cider. Bryan Shaw over at Cellar Door Cider gave Creative Composition the opportunity to tour his facility and learn more about the process of creating cider.

In fact, Bryan is a producer of fine, handcrafted hard apple ciders made from freshly harvested Northern California apples in Chico CA. To help differentiate Cellar Door Ciders from others they use 1 type of apple for each blend. For example, Newtown Pippin or the Arkansas Black apple these unique apples help lend different flavors and structural components.

Bryan came to us needing several different types of print and marketing material prior to his events to Taste of Chico and Red Bluff Beef 'n' Brew. As a result, he worked directly with Bob in (Sales) & Rosemary (Graphic Design) to help create a banner, nutrition labels, and keg collars.

It was a pleasure working with Bryan and helping him develop the print and marketing materials he needed to showcase his fantastic ciders. Cellar Door Cider offers $5 dollar tastings for their 7 ciders and is located at 11 Commerce Court, Suite #2, in Chico CA.

Bryan strives to take the hard cider experience to a whole new level with beverages of layered, complex flavors and aromas worthy of tasting.

Check out his Facebook Page for more information!

Cellar Door Cider Bryan Shaw 1rainbowconga

Top Post of September

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We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of September was our "Taste of Chico" fan featuring Creative Composition!

Not only was Creative one of the sponsors... we helped design & print the fans for the event!

Check it out HERE to see all the details!

Taste of Chico Fans 1rainbowconga

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Custom Postcards That Benefit Your Business!


How They Can Benefit Your Business!

Custom Postcards are an effective way to reach audiences you normally wouldn’t be able to get to. They’re popular with businesses of all sizes for their excellent return on investment. Postcards offer high conversion rates, even when taking into account their initial costs relative to email and other types of marketing. With that, direct mail is far more effective than their digital and mass marketing counterparts at generating response rates and conversions.

Postcard Example 1

The Bottom Line – Direct mail has the greatest impact because it offers a tangible experience for the customer. Oversized pieces stand out the most.

However, you won’t find the postcards you need off the rack from a store. Generic postcards won’t be able to speak for your business in a meaningful way since they’re made for everyone. For effective postcards promotions that match your business needs, you’ll need to go custom. Here at Creative, we have the tools and offer the best techniques to help you create a custom postcard to get you started.

Design Tips

Know your audience: We can help you design with your audience in mind. You should first know who they are. Identify which group of people you will be targeting. From there, we can help you tailor your custom postcards according to what the group needs.

Font Style: Font size and style are significant when it comes to designing your postcards. We can help you choose a legible font size and style; the text is as important as the image on the card.

Type of content: Since postcards provide very little space for design elements and text, make your message short and direct. Use simple phrases or sentences that are straight to the point and that can capture your audience’s attention.

Use impactful Images: The use of images, patterns, and logo placement on your postcard helps create a stronger impact on your postcard. Our design team can help you set up the perfect postcard to tailor the card to your specific needs.

Choose relevant details: Use images that are relevant to your message. Avoid making use of unnecessary images. Also, find a memorable photo that your postcards will bring impact to anyone who receives it. We have access to the very best programs to help provide powerful imagery to help your postcard stand out.

Use Postcard Templates: Using a template for your custom postcard design will allow you to accurately account for trims and bleeds. This means you avoid getting your artwork cut off. Please check out our FAQ template page.

Custom postcard Ideas: Product information, Announcement Cards, Save-the-Date, Coupons, Promotions, and Informational Cards.

Creative takes pride in our ability to grow businesses with our marketing expertise. We would love to find out how we can help personalize your postcards just for you. To find out more information please give us a call at (530) 924-2400 or email us at info@creativecomp.com  


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  • The Happenings at Creative
  • Creative Spotlight: Jesus Center
  •  Quote of the Month
  • Behind the Scenes: Kevin Brock Fishing
  • Top Post of August
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The Happenings at Creative

Did you know the best way to our employees’ hearts is through their stomachs? You see, we have found a workplace-enhancing benefit from the simple activity of holding a friendly lunch.

Thanks to our friendly neighbor Tacos El Grullense who was eager to recreate a menu for their taco truck. Leo the owner reached out to Creative to make this project happen. In order to get the menu ready, Leo needed photos of the food, designing of the menu, and printing/placement on his taco truck.

On a Friday afternoon, Leo prepared every dish on his menu from his famous street tacos to a more exotic dish like his barbacoa. Our Marketing Coordinator Chelsea Perez helped photograph all menu items with the help of Rosemary Derby (Graphic Design) and Kim Larios (Customer Service) to help get the perfect lighting for the shoot.

Leo was very kind to prepare all food items on the menu for the Creative team. We love that we were able to help Taco Grullense with this project and we appreciate the generosity. Leo the food was delicious!

Menu Decal Taco Truck

Creative Spotlight: Jesus Center

The Jesus Center is a non-profit organization that has helped feed the hungry since 1980. In response to the complexity of homelessness, hunger, and poverty, they work with their local community to restore those suffering from isolation to community integration.

More than just a meal—they’re about restoration.

They strive to inspire people to reach their full spiritual, physical, emotional and vocational wellness. Serving nearly 300 meals a day and providing housing to nearly 60, they offer hope and a path to transforming lives.

Jesus Center is a close partner with Creative and we have done business with them for quite some time. Jesus' center relies on us to design and print eye-catching projects for their organization. We have created everything from banners to newsletters to help announce exciting upcoming events.

It is always a pleasure working with the Jesus Center team. We are happy they continually come to us for their marketing and printing needs.

To learn more "CLICK HERE!"

Newsletter Jesus Center CCrainbowcongaQuote of the month Augustrainbowconga

Behind the Scenes: Fish Kevin Brock

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Who is Kevin Brock? Kevin Brock is a year-round professional fishing guide, specializing in guided trips on top West Coast Rivers. He has grown up fishing and hunting, giving him years of experience in his field. In 1995, he turned his passion into a profession and became a full-time fishing guide.

Averaging 300 fishing days a year, Kevin Brock has honed in on his craft on the water and provides a very high fishing success rate for his clients. He is well known for his professionalism, expertise, and thousands of happy customers and successful fishing trip

Kevin came to Creative needing several types of product/header cards for his hooks, bate, seasoning blends, and cures. He worked directly with our lead designer Scott to design and deliver the marketing materials for his products.

It was a pleasure working with Kevin and helping him develop the materials he needed to update his current products. Kevin is looking forward to continuing his passion for fishing with you, family, or crew on the water. You will always receive 100% professionalism from him, and have great fishing experience."

To learn more or book your next fishing trip “CLICK HERE!

Creative Chronicle Fish Kevin Brockrainbowconga

Top Post of August

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We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of August was our "Fresh Wrap Friday" post featuring Cleanrite-Buildrite!

CRBR - Cleanrite Buildrite: Restoration Services & Cleaning services in Northern California since 1959!

When CRBR came to us with the task of wrapping their truck the Creative Team was on the job.

Check it out HERE to see all the details!

Vehicle Wrap CRBRrainbowconga

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How to Design a Business Card That Gets Noticed

The Importance of a Business Card

Despite its relatively small size, a business card can be critical to the development of a business. As a result, these cards are often handed to prospects and customers, they provide a highly personalized form of marketing. With multiple design options, it will provide numerous opportunities to promote businesses in a creative manner.

Business Cards Creative Comp
The number of sales increases by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out.

Therefore, business cards play an integral part of the marketing plan, they are important for making a favorable first impression. Thus creating an attractive, eye-catching card with all the relevant contact information will present a professional image people will remember. As well as, the attention of prospects that can help you remain in their memory after the initial meeting.

Moreover, they can help enhance credibility, as they can create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for businesses by establishing relationships. Those relationships rely on personal contact, emotional connections, and physical objects that reflect those better than digital ones.

Creating The Perfect Card!

Here at Creative, we design unique business cards tailored to your companies needs. In addition, by choosing a card style that’s appropriate for your business, industry, and personal style we can help craft a design that best supports the business image you wish to project. To help you get started, we have an amazing graphic design team to help create the perfect card for your business.

What information should you include?

These cards should be a physical extension of your business. At a minimum, each card should include:
Name (personal and business)
Job title
Social media site

Business Cards CC Backside

Additionally, our business cards can go wherever you go, by keeping a stack with you at all times, you have the opportunity to continuously market your business to everyone you meet. The cards help establish a warm personal relationship with clients. Not to mention, it is a marketing tool to create trust, establish a brand, and convey a message to potential customers.

Creative takes pride in our ability to grow businesses with our marketing expertise. We would love to find out how we can help personalize your cards just for you. To find out more information please give us a call at (530) 924-2400 or email us at info@creativecomp.com