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The Happenings at Creative

We are happy to have been able to host an open house event at our office recently! After such a long period of separation, being able to talk, see and show guests around our facility and office was a wonderful experience.

Prior to the event, we have been working on giving our production and office areas a fresh theme, community. Creative Composition was originally opened in Orland, and moved to Chico in 2010 to better serve the Butte area and beyond. Creative Composition has always been a proud supporter of community and local efforts such as the Butte Humane Society and Jesus Center, and we aim to continue our commitment to providing local people and their businesses the best value we can offer.

We hope that all who were able to attend were able to come out of the day with a better understanding of our facilities capabilities and how they could be utilized. Keep an eye out for other information about events and offers from us in the future!  For those that were not able to attend, make sure to send us a message and let us know where you can be reached.

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Holiday Planning

The Holidays are fast approaching! As some of you are probably aware, there is currently a lack of availability in the supply chain across many industries. Backups at ports and lacking availability of workers means that lead times are extended for many processes. Procrastination is a dangerous game this year.

There has been a trend seen last year and partially this year already of the use of online channels to do holiday shopping. This means that consumers are still hesitant to do the same level of in person shopping as the years but they are also looking to be able to do more in person shopping when it’s acceptable. Last year there was a 28% decline in the amount of in store purchasing, while there was a subsequent increase of 64% in online holiday shopping.

With the pandemic having run its course for almost two years, there has been reportedly an increase in the amount that people are doing their holiday shopping. This may have been brought on by the lack of outside spending opportunities from the past year and a half. People like being able to participate in the economy, especially in the US where the “consumer is king”. Early reports have been showing an increase in those doing their holiday shopping early, and that they are spending more than last year.

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What the marketing

Marketing trends come and go and as we progress further into the age of dissipating attention, trends are sticking around for much less time. Many businesses and brands are able to hop on the bandwagon and gain interaction by riding a wave of up to the minute content. Often time brands are late to the game and release campaigns or content about a trend that is long in the rearview of their audiences mind.

One of the main reasons for this marketing behavior is the focus on Gen Z and the emerging Gen Alpha. While it is a smart move to try to market to these emerging cohorts, it can sometimes result in marketing content that alienates or directly offends members of the older generation. One example of this is the use of celebrity for selling specialized meals at McDonalds. Celebrity inspired meals have been a practice for the fast food chain in the past, with the last one before this recent wave featuring Michael Jordan in 1992. There have been a few partners recently but none seemed to target the youngest generation like the pairing with K-pop group BTS. McDonalds typically targets a wide range of ages, but almost 95% of the BTS audience is below the age of 29, with the majority of its audience living in Asia.

It seems like the route that brands will continue to go is less about the safe and instead is reaching those outlying groups in more meaningful ways. There has also been a trend of businesses going towards marketing material that has reactionary content. Weetabix mixed it up and shocked its followers with an unusual pairing of cereal bar and beans. Some of the best engagement can come from people telling you that you were wrong

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