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Hot Off the Presses

Creative Composition is taking a leap forward in the printing industry in Northern California with the installment of a Speedmaster CX 75 Heidelberg Printing Press.

Why did Creative Composition choose Heidelberg?

There are several reasons Heidelberg is world renown as one of the finest press manufacturers. Their quality is unsurpassed as the stability of the system creates accurate color through the run. This machine is highly automated and sets up fast and runs quickly allowing us to provide competitive pricing. Its flexibility ranges from light weight papers up to heavy board. The press has a large sheet size so it can run 6 up in the standard 8.5”x 11” format, as well as posters, packaging, labels, presentation folder and more. This means Creative Composition can produce a very wide range of products and pass on efficiency to our customers.

Mike Refilling Ink Rollers

What does this mean to our clients?

  • 15,000 impressions per hour – It’s very FAST! That means faster turn times for those HOT print projects.
  • Make-readies in 10 minutes or less – Again, it’s incredibly fast! Multiple press OKs will now be done in a fraction of the time.
  • Color stability through the run – This press has the most advanced print technology in the industry. The press scans the color as it’s printing to ensure the run is consistent, whether you are printing 1000 or 100,000.
  • We have a coating unit to add the finishing touches like aqueous or varnish to make you project pop.

An open house is to be announced sometime in 2021 when we can all safely get back together. We would love for you to join us on a tour through our manufacturing facility as we show you how printing projects comes to life. If you don’t want to wait, call Mark Hendry at 530.924.2408 for a private tour.

In Closing

We look forward to serving Northern California businesses with best-in-class printing, direct mail advertising and marketing. If you have a project you have been thinking about and would like to get a quote please reach out to us www.creativecomp.com.

Special thanks to PG&E, Santos Construction, JT Martin Construction, and Egan Electric for their help in getting this press on our manufacturing floor.

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