What is Informed Delivery?

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Informed Delivery is a new service that allows consumers to digitally preview incoming direct mail before it arrives. The post office send pictures of each mail piece, also known as the informed delivery daily digest, on the day the direct mail arrives. The digest also includes tracking information  for any package you are receiving. Consumers have to sign up for the USPS Informed Delivery service before they can start to receive mail updates. Although it was originally only available in certain areas, it is now a widely available being used by over 26.5 million Americans and counting.

*Informed Delivery allows users to interact with their incoming mail and packages in one convenient online location.  Users will receive email notifications containing grayscale images of the exterior, address side of incoming letter-sized mail pieces that are arriving soon.

Why do I need Informed Delivery?

Individuals are signing up for Informed Delivery more now than ever. Why? Mail theft is on the rise as well as extended waiting periods of receiving mail. This, in large, could be due to the hit of COVID – 19 and the influx of online ordering. With that being said, here are a few perks that come with Informed Delivery.

  • A sample of the mail to be received that day will be emailed at 7:45 Am every day.
  • Images are clear and shows recipient information which is valuable to a multiple member household.
  • In the online portal, mark mail that was not received but had a preview for.

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Marketing and Informed Delivery

A main reason Informed Delivery gives hope to direct mail marketers is due to its forced interaction with Informed Delivery users. 70% of subscribers open their mail daily increasing the chances of impressions on your Direct mail that would have other wise been thrown away. Add timelessness into the mix and businesses have the opportunity to target customers at the beginning of their day, perhaps at time where they are more likely to make a purchase.

Features of USPS Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery also includes the following features for businesses:

  • Create a Campaign via the Mailer Campaign Portal: Once you have gained access to the Customer Gateway, you will be able to create an Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign.
  • Pre-Campaign Analysis Report: From the Customer Gateway, you will have the option of creating a pre-campaign analysis report. This makes it possible for your business to evaluate how many people on your consumer list are already using Informed Delivery services.
  • Representative and Ad Image: An Informed Delivery campaign consists of a representative image and ad image. The representative image can either be a picture of the mail piece or different artwork that looks more like a banner image. In addition to the representative image, there will be a smaller image called the ad image. Think of this as a Facebook ad. It is similar in size but will contain the offer of call-to-action (CTA).
  • Call to Action: Next to the ad is the CTA text that contains a link to the landing page that you’re pointing the end user to. Keep in mind, if you’re currently tracking in coming traffic to your website through analytics, it is important to include UTM tracking with in your link. This will allow you to see informed Delivery as a traffic source.

Benefits of using Informed Delivery for Marketers

Marketers are looking for a way to pair direct mail and digital, and on the most basic level, Informed Delivery is it. The ability to show an ad to a consumer that you know is getting your direct mail piece is pretty powerful. Many of those in direct mail marketing know how important it is to track open and click-through rates. Through Informed Delivery updates, it is possible to track these for your direct mail campaign. Another great feature that Informed Delivery offers is the chance for your Direct Mail Campaign to stay live. This means that weeks to months after your direct mail piece is delivered, users can access their portal and click back on the live mail piece.

Informed Delivery is a free feature that is offered by USPS. Take advantage of it now!

Key Takeaways

Informed Delivery….

  • Used by over 26.5 Million Americans.
  • Gives insights into open and click-through-rates for marketers.
  • Provided as a free service, for now, by USPS.
  • Bridges the gap between direct mail and digital marketing.

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