Labels, Business Forms, Keg Collars

Like many of the businesses we serve; we take pride in being one of the largest print providers in the North State, our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility here in Chico, has state of the art printing, mailing and sign equipment. Your project will be made in Chico! Unlike many local printers and designers that send their work out of the area. Rest assured that we have complete control of the printing process, if you need it quicker, we can do it. Our employees are part of the local economy so you are supporting a company that spends its money locally. As a result of our in house printing, we are able to offer the 5 Guarantees. Here is the first one.

  1. Print Purpose Guarantee.

To help make decisions that are right for you, we will ask how you are going to use your project, and do all we can to consult with you to ensure its effectiveness. If we fail to ask, call us on it and we will print your job for the cost of paper alone.

We want to ensure and create a wholesome relationship with our clients by guaranteeing that our printing is excellent, fast, and accurate. If we have not reached this goal for you, give us a call. One of our wonderful customer service reps we have here at Creative Composition Inc. will be able to help make your order right. Because of our guarantees, working with us is risk free!

Give us a call today at 530-924-2400 or email us at

The 5 guarantees to be continued….