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The Happenings at Creative

For a small business like Creative Composition Inc, team building doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. Our company generally has a small team, so building intimacy and bonds between employees and management can be as simple as lunch.

Creative did that! In March we planned a wonderful potluck for our Creative employees! In honor of St. Patricks Day we had a themed luncheon to celebrate the upcoming holiday. This event took place before the lockdown and it was a nice way to connect with all the employees before we had to social distance.
The day of the potluck our Creative employees cooked up an array of delicious meals from pizza, mac & cheese, beef & broccoli, meatballs and many more. To top it, off we also had St. Patricks themed desserts!
Adding to the fun Chelsea (Marketing Coordinator) incorporated a fun contest for our employees "How Many Candies Are in That Jar." The big winner of the day was Justin Hendry with a guess of 186 beating out his dad Steve Hendry by 1 number. The winning number was 178, way to go Justin!
Congratulations to our winner and a big thank you to all our participants aka Creative employees it was definitely a day to remember!
st.patty potluck

Creative Spotlight: Fun Things to do While Social Distancing

As COVID-19 social distancing and self quarantining continue, some of you may be going stir crazy not being able to go and do the things you're used to. Now that its time to relax, cooped up for weeks, and you're still unable to hit the malls or movie theaters, how can you spend your time? Well there are a lot of options out there.
Thus, resorting to something that’s productive and working towards your goals are great ways to make the most of your free time. Instead of letting time pass by and doing things that’s not productive, here are 45 things for you to do when you’re bored.


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Top Post of March

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We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of March was our "Signage/Logo" we created for Johnny on the Spot!

Johnny on the Spot offers top-quality portable bathrooms for rent with ultra-clean, reliable service.

Check it out here to see all the details!


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