Keg collars, caps and wraps are important but often overlooked tools that brewers can use to identify their product as well as provide valuable information to wholesalers and retailers. There are several options available to choose from when it comes to styles.

Here at Creative, we have worked with several breweries to help craft together the perfect collar, wrap, and cap that fits the brewer’s needs. But beyond styles, there is a lot of pertinent information you can relate to your distributors and bars.

Keg Caps

Keg caps are the little plastic tops that cover the opening at the top of the keg neck. They serve a vital function in protecting the valve from a buildup of debris which can lead to mold.

Our Custom Printed Keg Caps come with stickers that can be directly applied to the vented keg. In addition, the keg cap can provide extra space for the brewery to relay vital information to the retailer.

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Keg Collar

The keg collar is another way of tagging a keg and providing information to the end-user. This will help identify the keg if the keg cap becomes lost at some point in the process. There are also a variety of keg collars available that range from simple black and white generic to colorful custom jobs created by our graphic design team.

Once you’ve decided how you want your keg collars to look, you’ll need to decide what information to include on it. There are several pieces of information a wholesaler or retailer likes to have:
  • ABV – Alcohol by Volume (see local and federal regulations regarding what you can and must include when talking about ABV.
  • Production Date/Batch Code – Including a clear date on the packaged will allow for proper rotation and time usage. Please include the day, month, and year.
  • Beer or Cider Flavor/Style
  • Keg Pressure Warning
  • Package Size – required by law
  • Brewery Name and Address – required by law
  • Government Alcohol Warning – required by law

Keg collars Alasken

Keg Wraps

Keg wraps are another way to label a keg with vital information. Although their prime function is to mark your property clearly ensuring other breweries and wholesalers don’t end up with your keg by accident. Anything you do to help return your valuable property back to your brewery is worth the small expense on the front side.

By clearly identifying your kegs and the products in them will go a long way to ensuring that your beer or cider is sold and poured in a timely manner. Clear, easily attainable, good information keeps customers happy and ensures that they’ll be enthusiastic long term customers.

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