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The Happenings at Creative

We're expanding! In June we welcomed 2 brand new and eager employees to our team.

The first to join the team was Kim Larios (right). Kim is our new Customer Service Representative. Her greatest strengths are her dedication, communication, and patience. She strives to build trust and a strong long term relationship with Creative customers.

Next up, Chelsea Perez (left) is our brand new Marketing Coordinator. Her greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

They are both excited to be a part of the Creative team. Make sure to say hi to the new ladies next time you're in!

Want to know more? Check out our "Meet the Creative Team” posts of the new team members on Facebook!


Creative Spotlight: Butte Humane Society

The Journey Home...

Butte Humane Society has been helping lost, abandoned and abused animals in the Chico area since 1911. For 108 years they have helped thousands of furry friends find food, shelter, medical care, and ultimately their forever homes through the efforts of many caring individuals.

Thanks to their ongoing efforts to help our local community Butte Humane Society has launched a capital campaign to raise funds to build a new animal shelter. This shelter will offer exciting opportunities to care for animals and allow them to expand.

With over 10,000 square feet of animal space and plenty of wide-open community spaces it will be an amazing place to adopt, volunteer and learn. ­­

Highlights of their NEW Facility

Butte Humane Facility

To learn more about how you can help donate or volunteer, CLICK HERE!

For 15 years Creative Composition has helped BHS build upon its strong organization. We have helped them design, market, and print numerous exciting projects. It is always a pleasure working with the BHS team and we would like to say thank you for their continuous business.

Make sure to check out what Katrina Woodcox the executive director had to say about her experience working with the Creative team.

butte humane non profitNEW


Behind the Scenes: Glenn County

A Story About a Pretty Unique Project

Glenn County had recently entered into the California State Fair’s 2019 Competitive Exhibits Program. For this program, they were challenged to create a display environment about their county that would encourage patrons to interact with their messaging and to share with friends & family.

The theme “Picture Yourself In…” presented the idea on any topic or a combination of topics in a compelling representation of their county.

To help create an exceptional display Jody Samons the community development director reached out to Creative for the job. She came to us needing several types of marketing, print and signage materials to design their display. She worked directly with our lead designer Scott and lead signage Brandon to create and deliver a rotating 12ft display with four interactive components.

I have a long successful relationship with Creative and I am thankful for their continuous quality of service and for helping create a beautiful display for our county.

Here at Creative, we love new challenges and while some people might struggle to overcome them our Creative Team was able to meet them with confidence. It was a pleasure working with Jody and helping her develop the signage materials she needed to showcase this fantastic new project!

Check out our page for more details on Instagram!



Top Post of July

We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of July was our Meet The Creative Team post featuring Kim Larios!

Kim is our newest Customer Service Representative, and has been with Creative for 2 months.              "What motives her is being a mama of four! Kim has one girl and three boys."

Check it out here to see all the details!


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