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The Happenings at Creative

In April we hosted yet another company wide competition. We wanted to jump start spring with a brand new theme for each of our marketing displays. We have plenty of displays including a vehicle to wrap, window cling for the front of our building, retractable banners, sign displays, a trade show booth, you name it - we have it. But the question remained, what should the theme be?!

So we took the question company wide. Each employee had an unlimited amount of theme idea entries, and were awarded bonus points if they included a tagline and pictures. We had an overwhelming amount of entries that varied from pirates, to memes, to world scenery and even to daredevil/adrenaline. The top 5 were selected via popular vote, while the top 2 themes were selected by a small committee based upon marketability.

The results are in and everyone is excited! The winners were awarded gift cards, cash and of course, bragging rights.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place: "No Monkey Business" by Joshua Hendry

2nd Place: "Pirates Theme" by Rosemary Derby

3rd Place: "Giraffe Standing in a Crowd of Sheep" by Brandon Bentley

4th Place: "Creative Through the Ages Decades Theme" by Rosemary Derby

5th Place: "Company Mascot" by Kyle Hathaway

Theme Winners Top 5

Creative Spotlight: Klean Kanteen

We have been partners with Klean Kanteen going on 3 years. It is not often we come across another business whose company values align so closely to ours. Klean Kanteen is family and employee owned, mission driven, and has a big emphasis on the ethos of the company.

One of the values the family at Klean Kanteen lives by is a culture of “hugs not handshakes.” They emphasize their need to stay true to who they are and continue to make a positive impact on the world. Every product made at Klean Kanteen is designed to solve an existing problem. They are specifically actively working to eliminate the use of single use products.

The Chico community plays a vital role in their business and means the world to them. That’s where Creative comes in. Klean Kanteen relies on Creative for their go to market efforts, trade show assets, consumer initiatives, and more.

Jeremy, Klean Kanteen's Director of Marketing and Branding, recalls how his favorite part about working with Creative is his ability to show up with a problem and Kyle will solve it by understanding the heart of the business. Jeremy quotes “There has never been one time Creative hasn’t delivered.”

It is always a pleasure forging and fostering partnerships within the Chico community. Here at Creative we have a passion for making a positive impact and we are grateful to work with a company like Klean Kanteen.

"Today, as a certified B Corporation, we not only create the highest quality reusable products on the planet, we work hard to bring benefit to the people and places we touch—and we do everything we can to keep single-use waste from trashing the world."
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Behind the Scenes: Mushroom Adventures

A Story About a Pretty Fungi
mushroom adventures banner

Donald started his business in 1996 in a San Francisco basement garage. He saw many triumphs and tribulations between his start and 2019. Today you can find Donald and his team at Farmer’s Markets from Marysville up to Chico. Donald came to us wanting a fresh new look for some signage to market his mushroom growing kits.

Rosemary, one of Creative’s graphic designers, had done work with Donald previously and was happy to help. She went straight to work designing a fun and inviting new logo for Mushroom Adventures.

The end result was six 24x20 Ultraflex 38in banners, six 30x10 dibond aluminium composite signs, and one HAPPY customer. Rosemary quotes, “Donald was a pretty fun guy to work with.”

mushroom adventures signsrainbowconga

Top Post of April

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We like to stay ahead of the curve posting our fresh ideas, new products, and all the fun happening at Creative! Our top post of April was our Meet The Creative Team post featuring Steve Hendry!

'His spirit animal is a LLAMA!🦙 Because they are "Majestic, underappreciated and like 80's fashion a future style icon. My time will come." 🤣🤣🤣'

Check it out here to see all the details!


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