A well-produced keg collar can play a big role for your brewery. Keg collars are a valuable sales tool that are often overlooked. Not only does the keg collar provide essential information to wholesalers and retailers, it also speaks to your brand personality.

When you’re ready to order your custom keg collars be sure to follow the guidelines below.


Include Important Information

The most immediate use of keg collars is to provide important information to the end user. The keg collar must include details required by law such as:
– Package Size
– Brewery Name and Address
Government Alcohol Warning
Other information that is helpful but not mandated by law:
– ABV: Alcohol by Volume
– Beer or Cider Flavor/Style
– Production Date/Batch Code
– Keg Pressure Warning

It is the duty of the brewery to include all pertinent information to the end user to the best of their ability. This will prevent dangerous hazards, and it makes the kegging process easier for the consumer.

The goal is for the end user to enjoy how the beer/cider performs rather than worry about the logistics.

Visit the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau website to verify all of your state and federal regulations.


Keg Colors Printed By Creative Composition


Think About Brand Representation

Equally as important, the keg collar is a representation of your brand. The use of keg collars has proven to be an effective medium for marketing.

We work with breweries of all sizes across the nation to produce their keg collars. Sierra Nevada, Secret Trail, and J Wakefield Brewing are just a few of our happy customers. We believe the quality of the keg collar speaks to the quality of the brand.

It is important to portray your brand in a unique and meaningful way to make a lasting impression with the consumer. If done so properly, the use of the keg collars alone can become an intriguing marketing tool.

Simple gray scale keg collars will get the job done in terms of displaying important information, but it is the full color collars that truly represent the quality of your brand. Even a black and white keg collar can come to life with quality materials.

Keg wraps are also an effective way to set your kegs apart from the competition.



Work with a Full Service Print Company

It is important to consider the printing company you work with for your keg necessities. It is not enough to just be a printer – the company needs a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategy the way that Creative Composition does.

We take the time to discuss your options and help you develop a high quality product at an affordable price. Because we are a family owned company that does all of our jobs in house we have rush order capabilities that other print companies dream of.

We are the Picassos of the art of keg collars and we are happy to help.

Check out our brewery page for ideas for your own keg collars – we will happily bring those ideas to life. Reach out to us for any help at (530) 924-2400 or email us at info@creativecomp.com