While you’re on one job, your vehicle wrap could be getting your next.

Marketing is an essential piece to the puzzle of sales. Savvy marketers are always looking for ways to outperform the competition without necessarily outspending them. A key component to a successful marketing tactic is achieving brand recognition.

Brand recognition: the extent to which the general public is able to identify a brand by its attributes.

This really just means a consumer recognizes your brand without seeing its name. When done so effectively potential customers recognize your service/product instantly without requiring much effort.



Can you think of a technology company represented by a particular fruit, or a restaurant identified by golden arches? A brand’s value is directly correlated with the presence in the memory of the consumers. If you can get a consumer to remember your brand, they will be more inclined to choose you over your competition.

Now the question is how do I achieve brand recognition in an efficient and effective way?

Vehicle based advertising.



Here are 5 reasons why wrapping your vehicle is the best way to achieve brand recognition and boost sales:

  1. Nonstop Promotion

Unlike other forms of advertising vehicle wraps work to promote your business every minute of every day – 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you are driving it around or its sitting in your driveway, your vehicle is promoting your business.

  1. High Awareness, Low Cost

 According to statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost per impression of any form of advertising. Depending on population size, a single vehicle wrap can generate up to 70,000 impressions EVERY DAY – for just a few dollars a day.



  1. Targeted Advertising

 For many small businesses their target market is their local community. A vehicle wrap is a highly targeted form of advertising that can directly reach your target market. Local advertising is especially effective because people typically prefer local businesses.

  1. Reach a Wider Audience

 Depending on how often you are on the road and how far you travel, vehicle wraps greatly enhance your audience reach. As a business you can reach out to potential customers all over the roads you travel. The lead possibilities from mobile exposure are limitless!

  1. Strategic and Creative Versatility

 Vehicle wraps can be used for long term advertising or short term event promotions. Not to mention you control the style, design, and when your wrap is updated or replaced. Vinyl wraps, unlike new paint jobs, can easily be updated or replaced without any damage to your vehicle.

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Vehicle wraps have a broad reach and low cost per impression AND have an unmatched return on investment. According to research done by OAAA, estimates place vehicle wrapping about 4 CENTS per THOUSAND impressions. Wraps are fun, effective, and have an excellent return.

With a little imagination and the right full service print company for the job, you too can easily integrate a vehicle wrap into your marketing mix.



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