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Printing Terms U - X

UCR (Undercolor Removal)

In full-color printing, areas with equal amounts of cyan, magenta and yellow (which produce grey) are replaced by carefully calculated amounts of black ink. This adds detail and sharpness by reducing the dull gray areas. This technique uses less ink overall and black ink is less expensive than colored inks.


A condition in which too little actinic light reaches a photosensitive paper, plate or film, producing a thin negative, a dark slide, or a muddy-looking print that lacks detail.


The computer environment in which the Internet has been and continues to be developed. It is used to run powerful workstations and networks where multitasking and multiuser access is essential.


To transmit a file from a local computer's hard drive to the hard drive of a remote computer.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

The World Wide Web address of a company, service, or other information source.


Mathematical descriptions of images and their placement. In electronic publishing, vector graphics information is transferred from a design workstation to a raster image processor (RIP) that interprets all of the page layout information for the marking engine of the imagesetter. PostScript, or another page description language, serves as an interface between the page layout workstation &hellip Continue reading »

Video Board

A circuit board that sends video signals to the computer monitor. This allows monitors to display text and graphics on screen.

Video RAM (V RAM)

Video Memory.

Virtual Memory

A hardware/software technique that incorporates a portion of the hard drive into RAM for faster processing.

Web Offset

A lithographic printing process in which a press prints on a continuous roll of paper instead of individual sheets.


An imposition in which the front and back of a form is printed from a single plate. After the first run through the press, the stock pile is inverted so that the back edge becomes the gripper edge for the second printing.


A common printing imposition in which all of the images on both sides of a press sheet are placed in such a way that when the sheet is turned over and the gripper edge is used, onehalf of the sheet automatically backs up the previously printed half. When the sheet is cut in half parallel &hellip Continue reading »


A high-powered computer that is commonly part of a network.

WWW (World Wide Web)

A hypertext program that allows users to access related documents across global networks by navigating a series of electronic links.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Computer screen displays that approximate the true size and true shape of typographical characters, rules, tints, and graphics.


The horizontal location of data on a graph, computer monitor, or page layout.