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Google Uses Direct Mail to Boost Marketing Efforts

The Mail Box Trumps the In-Box

With all the talk of how e-mail and online marketing are taking over the advertising world I think it is interesting to note that one of the leaders in online marketing is using direct mail to boost its marketing efforts.

Google is sending out mass mailings to advertise $100 worth of free Pay Per Click advertising, proving that even the company that transformed internet marketing to a “Must Do” realizes that Direct Mail belongs in that category as well.

Google has evidently realized that as big as the Internet tent is, not all of their prospects are in it.

Direct mail remains an attractive option for companies for three reasons.

First, physical mail is seen as a safe and tried-and-true medium in the age of identity theft, viruses and email spam. There is still a personal connection to checking the physical mailbox that the computer in-box just doesn’t have.

Second, virtual marketing only reaches a specific demographic. Physical mail reaches people who either do not use the Internet, or use it only occasionally; or the hordes of “Banner Blind” consumers who are indifferent to online solicitation.

And third, the internet is awash with marketing offers, making it hard to cut through the clutter. Google is zigging while others zag. While competitors are clogging up computer screens and in-boxes they have the mailbox all to themselves.

I have always recommended a mixed-media approach to my clients, and now one of the biggest players in the game validated that approach in a very big way.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Three Ways to Make Your Business More Visible

It must be a sign of the challenging times. Creative Composition has seen a remarkable increase in the number of businesses ordering signs. We’re busy making business identifiers, sale banners, location markers, sponsorship posters, the list goes on and on. It was as if one day there was a collective notion that businesses were becoming invisible.  Maybe it’s true.

From where you sit -right now -try and envision all the businesses you see on your way to work every day. How many of them can you recall? Have they all started to blend into the landscape?

Is your business one of those unnoticeable spots?

Here are three ways to think differently about signage…


  1. You can use banners to gain attention with a specific product or seasonal message. Full color banners that are designed properly can get you the attention you want.     
  2. Do you have exterior windows? One way to use the space is to use colorful vinyl graphics with a message that will draw attention and traffic. Classier and more attention-grabbing than window painting, vinyl is also more durable.  
  3. Want to make the most of foot traffic in your business? Floor graphics can draw attention to specific items that you want to sell. Maybe it’s a new product or service you are offering. When a potential client walks in and sees your message it will bring your message from their feet to the top of their mind.

When it comes to visibility it’s hard to find a value more powerful by the square foot.

Want some traffic? - use a Powerful Graphic!

Five Ways To Increase Your Direct Mail Open Rate

Simply Irresistible: How to Increase Your Open Rate to Nearly 100%


Direct mail marketing has a distinct advantage over email and other forms of cyber communication…your prospects can actually touch your message and hold your promises in their hands. Unlike email that can be discarded with just a cursory glance at the subject line, the much-maligned “snail mail” still has the power to cut through the clutter. Now more than ever, since many businesses that used to stuff the mailbox (think catalogs) are on-line only, fewer pieces of mail in the mailbox means yours has a bigger impact.

That said, getting your mail piece into your customers’ hands isn’t enough, they’ve got to OPEN it. Here are some tips to ensure your message get the full attention it deserves:

  • Hand affixed stamp - This is a personal touch only rarely used by the direct mail industry.  It really doesn't cost much more to use a stamp... a meter mark or a printed indicia is a dead giveaway that you are mailing a solicitation.
  • Return address should be from a person, not a company -  Personalize your mailer from one person to another.  Another option is to use no return address.  You do not need to use a return address at all if you are using a 1st class stamp.
  • Use a blank envelope -- Envelope can be any size, or color, and some say that the envelope quality can increase open and response rates too.  Avoid window envelopes!
  • Hand address your envelopes -- Always!! This is critical to getting your mail piece opened by everyone that receives it.  A personalized, hand addressed envelope is almost always opened.  There are many ways to automate “handwritten” addresses.
  • Keep it simple - Make your point in an easy to read, uncluttered, ad or sales letter.  You simply need to get interest and create curiosity.  Be sure to personalize the letter by addressing the person that you've mailed it to in the salutation.  Adding a handwritten signature, P.S., sticky note, or hand highlighting important features of your letter will tell your recipient that you took the time to send this letter to them personally!  Stop spending so much of your ad budget on fancy, cluttered graphics, bulky envelopes, and junky looking teaser copy...keeping it simple makes your ad easy to read.  Personalizing it will keep the interest of the reader from start to finish.

Creative Composition is a full-service direct mail marketing company and commercial printing operation. We’re happy to share our expertise with you. Have a marketing question you’d like addressed?  Contact us at 800-427-1955 or email us at inquiry(at)

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