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About Us

Creative Composition is a family owned business. For nearly four decades now we have been helping businesses communicate through our printing and mailing services. We are the only Northern California printer who offers a complete written guarantee. Though we have grown tremendously since 1968, one thing still holds true today, we are here for the customers. We pledge that you will be absolutely satisfied with every experience at Creative Composition. We can’t promise we will never make a mistake, not even the rocket scientists at NASA could do that, only that our mistakes are few and far between, and if we do make a mistake, we will correct it right away

Our Mission

Providing powerful cutting-edge Marketing, Printing and Mailing solutions enabling our clients to serve their clients, resulting in The Triple Win.

Our Vision

To be simply the very best, most effective, most professional Marketing-Printing-Mail company in Northern California “ From Creation to Your Bottom Line”

Our Purpose

To consistently honor God through honoring people and relationships, resulting in The Triple Win.

Our Team

Mike Hendry

Mike Hendry

Keith Hendry

Keith Hendry

Mark Hendry

Mark Hendry

Sales & Marketing Manager
Steve Hendry

Steve Hendry

Pre-Press Manager

Our History

Creative Composition was founded in Brea, California by Ed and Gayle Hendry in 1968. The couple had 4 boys. Ed was an outside salesman for Cal Snap & Tab a commercial printing company that specialized in business forms. His sales territory was in the greater Los Angeles area. He found there was a need among his clients for someone to design and set up the forms that they needed printed.

Gayle was a stay-at-home mom, and even with four boys felt she didn't have enough to keep her busy so she and Ed started a form designing company on the 2nd floor of their home. They bought typesetting equipment and were able to develop camera-ready art for their clients. As the business flourished Ed decided to quit his job as a salesman and devote his time to building Creative Composition.

The couple purchased their first building in downtown Brea and moved the business out of the house. After a couple of years the property became prime real estate due to redevelopment efforts in downtown Brea. Ed and Gayle wanted to get out of the smog and hustle-bustle of the LA area. Remembering his time in Chico as a young boy, Ed decided to move the family North.

Hendry Family Portrait

In 1974 they landed on a 19-acre ranch in Orland. They built a building on the ranch to house the typesetting equipment from Brea and they began to buy printing equipment. Ed went back on the road. Instead of the crazy commute in south LA he found the drives in Glenn and Butte Counties to be much more pleasant. He developed business accounts and continued to grow the business until it was time to move again.

The next expansion was to a new location in Orland. During this time, as the boys grew up, some decided to work with dad in the company. Keith was first and learned how to operate offset presses and was the company's first press operator.' Mike came on board in the early 80's and would become a pressman and press mechanic. He was instrumental in adding our first web (roll fed) press. Mark and Steve joined the business in the 90's. At this point Gayle's dream of her family working together became a reality.

CCI outgrew its first building in Orland and purchased a new one across town that would accommodate the growing printing and mail business. Creative Composition realized that the world of printing was changing and moved into the direct mail advertising arena.

In late 2010 Creative Composition was able to move into this building, one large enough to handle all of the company's large computer based printing machinery with room to grow.

Today the company continues to innovate and has become a full-fledged marketing company. Our goal is to provide powerful cutting edge Marketing, Printing and Mailing solutions for our clients empowering them to serve their clients, resulting in a win-win-win scenario, or as we call it, the "Triple Win"

Our Facilities

Creative Composition’s production and sales facility is 20,000 square feet of printing and mailing equipment including state-of-the-art digital and lithographic offset printing.

We have all the latest and greatest in digital printing and software. Here is a sampling:

kodak nexpress

Our Kodak Nexpress can produce high quality digital printing. The Nexpress is especially kind to the environmental There are no solvents required for cleaning the press and the inks do not contain solvents so the machine does not put off any volatile organic compounds. The Nexpress is highly versatile because you can do short runs even as low as 10 and get litho quality reproduction. We are also able to print versions and variable data, such as addressing postcards, adding personalization to a letter and even swap out images on a brochure to tailor you message to the recipient.

adast 775 press

Our Adast 755 is a 5 color press that produces beautiful lithographic reproductions. This is a DI press or direct image press has many environmental benefits. Since the plates are imaged directly on the press there are no hazardous chemicals that are used to develop the image. Also the press is waterless so there are not fountain solutions that have to be disposed of.

We also have a 17” web press. For the uninitiated, that is a printing press that uses the giant rolls of paper you’ve probably seen in newspaper printing presses in old newsreels.

web press 17

After printing we can finish your product in a variety of ways: folded, scored, stitched, perforated, wrapped or bound.

While we are constantly upgrading our technology we also have a huge soft spot for old school machinery. There are still a few things that the classics do better. We have good old-fashioned Miehle Vertical and Heidelberg cylinder die-cutting press. We use this to cut shapes in paper, or cut holes for door hangers. The sky is the limit for developing interesting pieces.

Creative Composition is also a full service mailing facility. We can maintain your mailing list or supply you with the data your need. We have access to many business and consumer lists that can reach your intended target. We can print, insert, tab, sort, address, stamp, bundle and deliver your mailings to the post office. If you don’t have a permit you can use ours and receive substantial savings on postage

5 station insert machine

If you want more specific information about our capabilities, we’re happy to provide you with our full list of hardware and software. Just use this link to Contact Us.


Creative Composition has a company culture of environmental consciousness. We minimize our own paper usage and waste internally, recycling almost 100% of our business byproducts. For the customer we offer a wide range of environmentally sensitive printing and mailing options, from the inks and paper we recommend to the shipping a delivery options.

We print with soy ink. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly, might provide more accurate colors, and makes it easier to recycle paper. Soy ink also has low levels of VOCs, (volatile organic compounds) which helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions.

Recycled Papers- The variety of recycled paper is constantly growing. There are now papers made up of 30% to 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) product that will perform well for almost any application. We will work with you to find the most environmentally responsible solutions for your project.

One of the most overlooked good green habits is simply keeping an accurate and up-to-date mailing list. At Creative Composition we scrutinize each address to make sure that only deliverable mail gets printed.

Doing your printing and mailing all in one place saves you the cost and environmental impact of shipping your printed materials to a fulfillment center for mailing. In addition, your mailed material is delivered directly to your clients quicker, which allows for more lead times in production.